API Marine Calcium 473ML


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    Calcium is vital for the growth and coloration of corals. MARINE CALCIUM is a natural way to increase calcium levels in reef aquariums. Strong Benefits for proper health and growth of corals Promotes vibrant coloration Natural source of calcium follow the API Easy Care Guide and use API MARINE CALCIUM when strong calcium deficiency is present in reef aquariums. Restores calcium essential for healthier more colourful corals and reef invertebrates including snails shrimp crabs clams mollusks as well as coralline algae. The calcium concentration of a reef aquarium should be between 400-500 ppm mg L. Use whenever testing shows a calcium level below 400ppm mg L.
    Treats strong 5mL treats 10 U.S. gallons p p strong Directions strong Add 5ml per 10 U.S. gallons 38L. P p strong Item

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