Southern India Aquaculture (SIAC)

Southern India Aquaculture (SIAC), Chennai, have been in the business of aquariums and aquariums and aquarium products for more than three decades.

We own two Fish Farms in Chennai for selective breeding of quality fresh water aquarium fishes, adhering to strict quality control.

Our Aquarium Supermarket is one of the oldest and largest in India and deals with:

  • An entire range of imprted acquariums accessories and decorations for the aquariums.
  • All glass aquarium tanks, cabinet aquarium tanks.
  • Wide selection of tropical fishes, feng shui variety fishes, like dragon fish, gold fish and Flower Horn fish, to attract ¬†positive energy¬† bring good luck and prosperity to the owners.
  • Fish food of different reputed Brands in South East Asia.
  • Resin ornaments, aquarium plants, decorations.
  • Aquarium accessories like air pumps, filters, heaters, medications & test kits, water conditioners, aquarium books, lighting systems, plastic plants, backgrounds, spares,etc. etc.
  • Pet foods and accessories for dogs, cats and birds.

We are the Authorised Distributors for:

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, USA.
  • Ocean Star International(OSI), USA.
  • Hailea Group.co.,Ltd. China
  • Waterlife, UK
  • Perfect Companion (CP pet food products), Thailand.
  • Technic Aquarium Fish Food (Okiko Fish Food), Thailand